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Terms of Reference


Aiming to bring an end to seven decades of civil war in Myanmar, eight Ethnic Armed Organizations signed the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) with the Government of Myanmar on 15 October 2015. The Peace Process Working Team (PPWT), (known previously as the Coordination Team, CT), has been the representative entity of the NCA signatory EAOs and supporting for their participation in the peace process and NCA implementation. The NCA-S EAO office was established in 2015 to provide administrative and logistical support to NCA-S EAO for their peace process participation.  The NCA-S EAO aim to ensure substantive engagement in the Myanmar Peace Process and National Reconciliation Process to promote ethnic unity and political legitimacy to secure self-determination and guarantee the enjoyment of rights without discrimination, prejudice or inequality. These parties continue to make progressive steps in the peace process, working together to resolve the country’s political problems, re-establishing reconciliation and developing a “Federal Democratic Union” as a pathway to sustainable peace.    

Position Information

Job Position:

Junior Officer-Governance & Peace process



Governance and Peace Process Unit

Reporting To:

G&PP Coordinator

Positions supervised


Job Vacancy Reference Number:

NCA-S EAO/JO-G&PP/2018#07

Employment Type

Full Time

Duty Station



Role of the unit

Governance and Peace Process unit (GPP) takes as focal coordination body among NCA-S EAO and other stakeholders for the events organized or participated by NCA-S EAO. The objective of GPP is to support NCA-S EAO by organizing meeting, arranging logistic and administrative support for the meetings, forums, workshops, other events and peace process participation.


Role of the position

  The objective of this role is to ensure that EAOs meet all the requirements to be able to participate effectively and constructively in all peace process events, by supporting the Governance and Peace Process Coordinator in implementing activities.


Key Duties and Responsibilities

·         Work in close consultation with the logistics, admin, communications and translations department to ensure EAO events are adequately prepared and logistics are effective.

·         Finalise attendance lists, and provide timely information for the efficient organisation of EAO events.

·         Receive and review inputs for agendas and support in circulating draft agendas and minutes to relevant EAO leaders.

·         Maintain the calendar of EAO events under the oversight of the Governance and Peace Process Coordinator, keep it constantly updated to the highest level of known accuracy at all times.

·         Support the Governance and Peace Process Coordinator with all aspects of event/meeting coordination.

·         Take minutes and provide administrative support to EAOs, and joint peace process activities as required.

·         Maintain strong working relations with DPN/ENAC counterparts to maximise coordination between EAOs.

·         Other tasks as appropriate.

Nondiscrimination and Gender

·         Promote a positive approach to equality and diversity that is free of discrimination, prejudice, stereotyping and victimizations based on gender, marital status, sexual orientation, race, age, ethnic or national origin, disability or any condition other than person’s ability.

·         Ensure Gender equality, gender balance and gender mainstreaming in GPP team and implementation of activities.

·         The rights and needs of women are appropriately addressed during planning and implementation of activities. 


Communication, Coordination and Collaborate

·         Build and maintain effective and respectful communication among team members, EAO Leaders and other stakeholders.

·         Represent NCA-S EAO Office at external meetings and promote the image and reputation of NCA-S EAO.

·         Communicate, Coordinate and Collaborate with other relevant units and departments especially Finance Unit, Policy Development Department (PDD) and Communication & Translation Unit.

·         Mange effective record keeping, data gathering and internal information sharing to facilitate effective communication across the stakeholders.

·         Participate and contribute to cross-organizational learning and sharing.


·         Ensure the protection of information of NCA-S EAO such events calendar, meeting minutes, photos, videos, agenda and other documents.

·         Sign and comply exactly the terms and conditions of “Confidentially Agreement” of the NCA-S EAO. 

Budget Responsibility

·         Assist in preparing and submitting activities budget and fund forecast to Finance Unit in timely manner.

·         Settle advance and other expenses timely in order to reflect them in the respective monthly financial report.

·         Assist in managing and monitoring over actual expenses against the approved grant budget of Admin unit

·         Ensure all the expenses spent by GPP unit are compliance with donor and organizations policies and guidelines.


·         Activities Report:  Assist in preparing and submitting activities report to M&E Coordinator within 5 Working days after completion of the activities.

·         Monthly and Quarterly Report: Prepare and Submit monthly and quarterly reports to M&E Coordinator within 7 days of the following month.

·         Management Report: Prepare and Submit Management report for significant event and other incidents to Director and SMT as soon as possible. 


Other Duties

·         Contribute and participate other NCA-S EAO office activities as required.

·         Identify and address challenges in consultation with Team and SMT as required.

·         Perform other assigned duties by director and SMT as required.


Required Experience and Skills

·         At least three years’ in a relevant area, such administration or with event management.

·         Excellent attention to detail and organizational skills.

·         Excellent time management skills and ability to prioritize effectively.

·         Excellent oral and written communication skills.

·         Good written and verbal English and Burmese.

·         Proven ability to meet deadlines and carry through on implementation of agreed-upon tasks.

·         Ability to multi-task and keep track of multiple tasks at the same time.

·         Team player and willingness to learn.

·         Organized and able to maintain both physical and electronic filing systems.


Conditions and Terms:

·    This position is a full-time role within the NCA-S Office.

·    There is a three-month probation period (unless waivered or reduced).

·    Generous employment conditions and entitlements are established in our HR policy.

·    The duty station for work is Yangon. There will be regular travel to Chiang Mai (Thailand),

Naypyidaw and within Myanmar.

·    All positions in the NCA-S EAO Office are long-term contract-based, with high likelihood of renewal in-line with funding.

·    We reserve the right to make minor amendments to this TOR as required for the job.


Application information and requirements:

·      Deadline for applications is 10 Aug 2018.

·      Application requirements are one cover letter in English; one CV in English.

·      Please identify your monthly salary expectations in your cover letter.

·      Send your documents to [email protected] in the subject title, identify the job you are applying for: Junior Officer-Governance and Peace Process

·      Applications that do not follow the requirements will not be considered.

·      Interviews will be conducted in Aug 2018.

·      Start date for this position is Aug or Sep 2018.




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