The Negotiation Meeting between the Government and NCA-S EAO held in NRPC, Yangon today

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    The Negotiation Meeting between the Government and NCA-S EAO held in NRPC, Yangon today

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    NRPC, Yangon, Yangon

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    February 2, 2020 02:00 PM

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    February 2, 2020 05:00 PM

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The Negotiation Meeting between the Government and NCA-S EAO has been held in National Reconciliation and Peace Center in Yangon since this afternoon.

In this meeting, Col. Sai Ngern, the NCA-S EAO Negotiation Team Leader, delivered the Opening Speech. The Opening Speech of Col. Sai Ngern is as follows:

Opening Speech by Colonel Sai Ngern, the Team Leader of NCA-S EAO, at the Negotiation Meeting Between Myanmar Government and NCA-S EAO

February 2, 2020

Firstly, I wish a healthy state of body and soul to all representatives, the leaders from both parties who attend this Negotiation Meeting between Myanmar Government and NCA-S EAO.

Today meeting is essential not only for peace process to move forward smoothly but also for all the people of the Union. The barrier and obstacles delaying the peace process for over 1 year has been overcame by the eight points agreed at JICM which was held on 8th January. By that meeting, the deadlock could be broken down to marching forward.

The purpose of today meeting is to formulate the implementation of the eight points agreed at JICM.

In this two-day meeting, we are going to discuss the following agendas: various matters of Ceasefire, strengthening the Ceasefire, work plans during the interval, framework agreement on NCA Implementation, peace processes to be implemented in 2020 and beyond 2020, implementation steps of the peace process, Union Accord (3) to be signed at the Union Peace Conference-the fourth 21st Century Panglong Conference, implementation of the fourth 21st Century Panglong Conference, implementation of National Level Political Dialogues, and inclusion of EAO in the peace process.

As the top leaders from both parties have already set the issues for negotiation, the utmost duty of both parties’ negotiators is to achieve the goal and formulate the result. I strongly believe that we will reach a positive agreement by having a strong determination to get successful implementation.

This negotiation meeting is a kickoff meeting. Perhaps, some factors cannot be finalized only with once or twice negotiation and therefore, it may be necessary to continue to negotiate those ongoing matters of the both parties in later meetings or informal meetings.

It is required to negotiate a timeline which is flexible for both sides because of the time constraint in negotiation the peace process timeline.

Both parties are responsible to try their best as much as possible, with great efforts in order to enjoy the fruitfulness and a real pleasure of peace by the people of the Union. This responsibility is heavy and noble. Everyone needs to firmly grip this epic and historic peace opportunity.

The top leaders from both sides have delegated this utmost responsibility to both negotiators as they firmly trust us. I strongly believe that the Negotiation meeting bring achievement and the joy of victory to all if the negotiators have trust, patience, mutual respect, equity and public interest-oriented manners, along with loving kindness, friendship and transparencies held by discussing among the cy, it will.

Thank you all.