PPST Meeting (08/ 2020) is being held in Chiang Mai, Thailand today

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    PPST Meeting (08/ 2020) is being held in Chiang Mai, Thailand today

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    Chiang Mai, Thailand, Chiang Mai

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    January 17, 2020 09:00 AM

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    January 19, 2020 05:00 PM

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NCA-S EAO's Peace Process Steering Team Meeting (08/ 2020) is being held in Chiang Mai today. The meeting will be held until 19 January 2020.

General Yawd Serk, the Acting Leader of Peace Process Steering Team Meeting (08/ 2020), delivered the Opening Speech as mentioned below:

Opening Speech of PPST Acting Team Leader, General Yawd Serk, delivered at Peace Process Steering Team (PPST) Meeting (08/2020)

January 17, 2020


Let me greet you by saying Mai Sone Kha, Mingalaba, to all leaders who are attending this meeting. I pray for the health of all in this New Year.

In this meeting, we are going to discuss the future task of the peace process, preparation of negotiation team for the implementation of the eight points agreed at the 8th JICM and other important matters. I would like to request you to discuss the opinion of the organization rather than the opinion of individuals.

In laying down future tasks, you will have to do so in agreement with the time set for the convening of the fourth 21st Century Panglong. I would like to give the negotiation team a guidance to work very hard so that the meeting resolutions of the 8th JICM could be implemented accordingly.

The top leaders of both sides have done their duty.  It is very important that the negotiation teams would successfully implement the pledges and accountability of the top leaders of both sides. I believe the negotiation team would be able to carry out this heavy duty. PPST would give you necessary assistance as far as possible.

In drawing a time table for the peace process, it would be necessary to do so in order that it could fit within the first four months of the year 2020. I would like to urge you to respect the opinions of the top leaders of both sides.

It is necessary for this meeting to specifically lay down a pragmatic situation and program for our brethren who have not yet joined the NCA with the hope that they would do so someday.

As the National Dialogue is an important step for participation in the 21st Century Panglong, the convening of National Dialogues would be discussed in this meeting.

Let me conclude my speech by saying that if we keep the affairs of the Union in the forefront, rather than the affairs of one group or one race, and engage unswervingly in the peace process, we would reach the goal of building a Federal Union without failure.  Thank you all.